Frank is in his late 30s and is from South Philadelphia. He currently lives in the house he grew up in.

  • Coffee Percolator
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Clawfoot Tub
  • Piano
  • Portraits
  • Framed Record
  • Living Room Window
  • Shag Carpet
Frank's Kitchen Floor
Frank remembers his parents were renovating the kitchen and for several days the floor was torn up. Frank enjoyed the challenge of balancing on the studs as he went to get his bowl of cereal in the morning.
Frank's Clawfoot Tub
When Frank's family moved into their house there was an original clawfoot tub in their bathroom. Frank's mother loved the tub, but when his father and uncle were updating the bathroom they accidentally cracked the tub in half, much to her dismay.
Frank's Piano
Frank's father is very musical and was the singer in a doo wop band called the Vespers. This was Frank's piano ad he took many lessons when he was younger, but now it is used mostly to display framed photographs of the family.
Frank's Living Room Window
Originally the front exterior window of the house, Frank remembers leaving his keys at home and having to climb through this delicately paned glass window as a child.
Frank's Shag Carpet
Shortly after moving into their house, Frank's parents purchased an orange shag carpet for the living room. Frank remembers lying down on the shag carpet while watching television with his brother and sister.