I have had the privilege to work with many wonderful interns from UArts and Tyler who have helped me print, sew, stuff and wheatpaste over the years, and have made these complex and time consuming projects possible. Please learn more about their personal work:

Nora Einbender-Luks, 2017, Purchase Alum

Julia McGrady, 2017, UArts Illustration

Ornella Plialis, 2017, UArts Illustration

Mona Lisa Saeed, 2017, UArts Fiber Alum

Lydia Spence, 2016, UArts Printmaking

Grace Snyder, 2016, Tyler School of Art, Printmaking

Olivia Whelan, 2015, UArts Printmaking

MacKenzie Allen, 2014, UArts Printmaking

Molly Egan, 2014, UArts Illustration

Hailey Bryant, 2014, UArts Fibers

Holly Kyungah, 2014, UArts Painting

Monica Morris, 2013, UArts Sculpture

Tim Martin, 2013, UArts Multi Media

Una Oneill, 2013, UArts Fibers

Dot Vile, 2012, UArts Fibers

Tara Mccafferty, 2012, UArts MFA Book Arts/Printmaking

Sara Ponemon, 2012, UArts Printmaking

Ellen Haines, 2012, UArts MFA Book Arts/Printmaking

Rachel Kinback, 2012, UArts Fibers

Sam Anderson, 2012, UArts Fibers

Amanda Santini, 2011, UArts Fibers

Paige Fetchen, 2011, UArts Fibers

Cerise Kacinsky, 2010, UArts Printmaking

Jessica Nicho, 2010, UArts Illustration

If you are interested in internship opportunities please email with your resume, work samples and/or website.

Time-lapse video showing all of the help I have had from so many great people:

Starter Home by Kay Healy from Jason Chen on Vimeo.