Leroy is in his 70s and grew up in Eastwick, Philadelphia near the airport. 

  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Bathroom Mirror
  • China Cabinet
  • Side Table
  • Radio
  • Wallpaper

Leroy's Oven
Leroy has fond memories of his mother's cooking on this oven. She would make all kinds of pies, biscuits and treats for him growing up as a child.

Leroy's Kitchen Sink
Leroy said he never had to do the dishes because his sisters always washed up after meals. His job was to load the coal into their burner, and one time he forgot to put out the coals and nearly burnt the house down.

Leroy's Bathroom Mirror
Leroy recalls using his father's shaving tools and trying to figure out how to shave in front of this bathroom mirror.

Leroy's Side Table
Leroy said this side table always had it out for him. He was running around with his sisters, when the youngest one, only three years old, knocked the glass top over and it shattered to pieces. Their parents did not believe that a three year old could have done this, so he and his older sister were punished. Another time, Leroy was chasing his sisters when he knocked his chin right into the corner of the table. He still has a scar from the incident.

Leroy's Cathedral Radio
Leroy remembers listening to this radio in the living room. He would listen to a number of comical radio shows, but he also vividly remembers listening to the events of World War II every night with his family during the war.