Peggy is in her early 60s and is from Northeast Philadelphia.

  • Clock
  • Kitchen Wallpaper
  • Kitchen Window
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Blue Toilet
  • Fern Wallpaper
  • Burnt Dining Room Carpet

Peggy's Kitchen Wallpaper
Peggy recalls that her kitchen originally had a large daisy pattern all over the walls.

Peggy's Kitchen Window
Peggy remembers her window shades were white with a small circular pull cord. She thought the zig zag pattern was specifically tailored to read as "M"s since her family's last name began with the letter "M".

Peggy's Toilet
Peggy's bathroom was completely blue- the sink, tub, tiles and even the toilet were all a pastel blue color.

Peggy's Dining Room Wallpaper
Peggy has a vivid memory of her mother's dyed red hair and she smoked a cigarette in front of this deep green fern wallpaper.

Peggy's Burnt Carpet
Peggy was very embarrassed that  her house did not have carpeting since all of her friends had wall-to-wall carpeting. Her mother saved up money finally was able to buy a beautiful white carpet for their dining room and living room. Her mother had friends over for a card party to show off her freshly installed carpeting when her friend Edna accidentally ashed her cigarette. The carpet was burnt within seconds and there was a large mark right in the center. Her mother was devastated and cried for days.